Buy separate access to the eBook version of Physiology of Domestic Animals

Scandinavian veterinary press collaborates with two distributors of academic eBooks, Kortext and Bibliu.

Kortext provides access for libraries and institutions in a similar manner as Bibliu. Request a quote for the number of students and access duration your library or institution needs.

Kortext offers permanent online- and off line viewing rights for single users.
The price for permanent access is about 80 % of the price for the printed book. Check out and buy at:—third-edition-9788293878001-pdf

Viewing rights can also be purchased for defined periods at discounted rates. 
Contact Kortext directly:


We also offer eBook reading rights through the Kortext platform for students and teachers when they buy their hard copy. See the “Buy the Book” page. The price is 14.00 € extra for the permanent online and offline viewing rights. After your purchase you will receive a digital code giving you the viewing rights on the Kortext platform from Scandinavian veterinary press.


Bibliu  is a distributor of electronic academic literature primarily for institutions, libraries and faculty.

Bibliu handles all commercial aspects related to institutional use of the electronic version of Physiology of Domestic Animals, and may be contacted through 

Bibliu does not provide electronic access to Physiology of Domestic Animals to individual students or teachers, but our other collaborator (see above) offers private access.