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Review 2, 1. Edition

Veterinary Record, vol. 153, no 23, p721 (Dec. 6, 2003). Reviewed by Matthew J. Pead.

“…. it does provide excellent coverage of animal physiology in a well-integrated fashion and shows a clear relationship with the clinical considerations and conditions that are the primary concern og most people invoilved in veterinary science.”

“The chapters are well integrated, bringing together elements of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry to give the reader a full idea of how an individual system functions. The quality of illustration throughout is very high, with traditional figures such as chemata of histology or molecules being done very well, and in color. In addition, there are more unconventional but excellent diagrams, along with flow charts and tablers that are most helpful in terms of explanation. Throughout the chapters there are highlighted clinical examples from veterinary and human conditions that add particularly well to the sense of clinical relevance.”