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Review 3, 1. Edition

Swedish Veterinary Journal, no. 11, p 40 (2003). Reviewed by C. Kvart.

“…. After many years of dedicated effort, a modern, well-illustrated, international textbook in the physiology of domestic animals has finally become available.”

“…. It is well constructed didactically, comprises 540 superior color illustrations, and includes an extremely comprehensive index.”

“…. Each chapter also includes clinical examples (there are a total of 180) that help to give readers a broad understanding of the links between physiology, pathophysiology, and the mechanisms of disease. These examples are of great benefit to both students and practicing veterinarians alike, as they promote an understanding of the relationship between function and dysfunction as well as stimulate a desire for further reading.”

“.… The book is also appropriate as a reference work for practicing veterinarians who wish to refresh their knowledge of physiology ….” (Translated from Swedish)