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Review 4, 1. Edition

Norwegian Veterinary Journal, no. 6, p. 00 (2003). Reviewed by Ø. Andresen.

“…. Physiology of Domestic Animals is an impressive textbook, presenting a vast amount of knowledge in an easily accessible and appealing manner.”

“…. The book is richly illustrated with some 540 figures and approximately 50 additional diagrams and charts. The figures are professionally drawn medical illustrations executed in attractive colors. They are easy to grasp and a genuine treat to study.”

“…. For students of veterinary medicine, the clinical examples will enhance motivation and at the same time clearly highlight the importance that detailed knowledge about the physiological processes will have for later clinical practice.”

“…. The book is extremely well suited as a reference work for clinicians wishing to update and expand their knowledge about physiology.”

“…. In my assessment, the publication of this textbook marks a new era in the cohesive presentation of the physiology of domestic animals.” (Translated from Norwegian)